A poem from him.

Artwork by Pascal Campion
I want to write you stories,
and I want to sing you songs,
to show you how full my heart is with you. 
My woes and fears wash away 
in the presence of you,
my wife. 
I drift away into another world 
when you rest my head on your lap,
running your fingers so lovingly through my hair. 
I live and breathe for 
the simple moments I spend with you,
gasping for air when I am away.
Living with you out of reach for any period of time
feels like death is nigh, 
but the moment we return to each other, 
I feel the love we share 
lift me into a place of happiness 
anew each time like it never was before.
Before I met you all I knew was loss, 
all I knew was doubt, distrust, lying, cheating, and pain.
But with the wave in your hair,
the sweet taste of your lips,
the power of your words,
and the beauty in your eyes
You, you washed away all the evil from my world,
you gave me faith,
you gave me the will to trust,
you gave me something no object
or person could ever replace.
Your heart.
No mountain is too high,
no canyon too dangerous,
no desert too hot,
no blizzard too cold
to keep my heart from beating for you.
Your love is blood that flows through my veins,
the way you laugh brings joy to my soul,
and the way you cry tears down my walls.
I have never felt this way before,
but when I met you the pain washed away.
I love you my angel,
you have rescued me.

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