A love letter from my husband.

Artwork by Pascal Campion

It’s been a long road for me,
I follow it daily hoping that at the end of it
you will be there to greet me
with your warm smile and ocean blue eyes.

My job always takes me so far from home,
but it is not the apartment I miss,
nor is it the comfort of our bed,
but the embrace of your lips against mine.

My arms feel like a barren fruit tree without you in them,
my hands have lost purpose without having your fingers intertwined with mine.
I like to think back to those days at the lake,
when we’d relax in the warm sun with each other,
whispering I love you softly into each other’s ears.
The sun never kissed me as tender and sweet as you did.

I am blessed,
not only in love but in friendship.
I married a beautiful woman I love,
but I also married my best friend,
someone to laugh and cry with,
someone I share my dreams
and most intimate secrets with.

I miss the way you look at me
when I brush the hair away from your eyes.
For better or worse I have loved you,
in sickness and in health you have cherished me.

I love you more than life itself,
for what use is life to me if you are not in it.
I swear to you on all I am,
I will always try to be a better man.
I say this from the bottom of my heart,
I will never let my desire for you fade away.

I am yours,
and you are mine,
that’s how it will stay,
until the end of time.

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