Natural Habitat

Artwork by Pascal Campion
“You really do belong here”
he said to me
crooked grin on his face
hazel eyes fixed on mine
cheeks flushed from the sun
glow on his skin from its light

“it’s like your natural habitat”
he continued where he left off
his hands on my waist
his forehead against mine
my arms wrapped around his neck
quietly treading water
soaking in the moment

the happiest we had felt in a while
the first sunny day

following a cloudy season
seconds earlier 
we were submerged under water
his lips on mine
our fingers intertwined
a moment of film like romance

we rose up to the surface in laughter
turns out it is harder than it seems
kissing under the ocean
the waves pull and push you
the air in your lungs rise you back up
but what a joy it is anyway
to try it over and over again

his realization
interrupted our glee
for a brief moment I felt seen
in the way that only he 
had ever seen me before
after years of togetherness
still I am surprised 
by how much there is left 
for us to discover
of the world and of each other

he had never before been

out to the ocean with me
he had never seen first hand

the way that it made me be

yet when he moved us
across the country
he found us a place that

wasn't too far from the sea
he knew just how much

it would mean to me
from childhood stories I told 
of a girl who grew up

by the water

now all I wanted
was to make new memories
with the sweet boy holding me
so I finally said back to him
“I can’t wait to share it with you.”

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