Artwork by Pascal Campion
You are the lead character in all my favorite memories.
I keep our stories boxed away on the top shelf of my brain,
in safe keep,

just out of sight from all the clutter of the day to day.
But not so far out of reach, 
so that I might still always have their comfort on the occasional rainy day.

I can pull them out,
blow the dust off of them,
and just hit play.

And for a while it still feels like it did before you went away.
You are so ingrained into the pieces of my life I love the most.
You see, I have never ever really been too good at goodbyes. 
So I am still holding on to you but I don’t really know why. 
My grip around us tightens a little harder 
when I feel my memory of you slipping away.
Perhaps I am terrified that if I let you fade into the past 
that my favorite parts of me will follow too
because I found all of them with you.

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